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NOTE: You can go to Who's Your Legislator? at and click on the "State" tab to identify your State Representative and State Senator (together with their Indiana House and Indiana Senate District Numbers). Click on the names below of your State Representative and State Senator for information on how to personally contact your state legislators.

Watchdog Indiana provides the only ratings of state legislators and the governor based on how their votes on key legislative proposals from 2002 to the present affect the state and local tax burden of Hoosier working families. Additional ratings information has also been obtained from Candidate Questionnaire responses for the November 6, 2012, General Election; May 8, 2012, Primary Election; November 2, 2010, General Election; May 4, 2010, Primary Election; November 4, 2008, General Election; May 6, 2008, Primary Election; November 7, 2006, General Election; May 2, 2006, Primary Election; November 2, 2004, General Election; May 4, 2004, Primary Election; November 5, 2002, General Election; and May 7, 2002, Primary Election. Further ratings information was obtained from other sources such as public comments during legislative sessions and campaign platform statements.

Watchdog Indiana candidate ratings are also available for prior Indiana General Assembly candidates (starting with the 2006 primary election) at Prior State Representative Candidate Ratings and Prior Governor & State Senator Candidate Ratings.

Watchdog Indiana General Assembly Ratings History

Taxpayer Friendly

Taxpayer UNfriendly POLITICAL HOG Uncertain
  Rep. Senator Rep. Senator Rep. Senator Rep. Senator
2014 70 38 9 4 8 7 13 1


56 34 6 3 8 8 30 5
2012 67 35 8 3 12 9 13 3
2011 68 37 8 3 16 8 8 2
2010 54 37 6 4 12 8 28 1
2009 59 34 9 5 14 10 18 1
2008 29 8 24 13 24 15 23 14
2007 28 6 13 14 29 15 30 15
2006 9 2 51 36     40 12
2005 8 2 59 38     33 10
2004 32 7 46 32     22 11
2003 31 8 54 34     15 8
2002 37 12 62 38     1  

The current Watchdog Indiana ratings for all State Representatives, State Senators, and the Governor are listed below in alphabetical order according to rating category.

Click on the names of your State Representative, State Senator, and the Governor to access individual Watchdog Indiana web pages that contain details regarding their Watchdog Indiana rating. Information on how to personally contact your state legislators is also included.  

NOTE: The In-Session Toll-Free Phone Number for the Indiana House of Representatives is 800-382-9842. The In-Session General-Access Phone Numbers for the Indiana Senate are 800-382-9467 and 317-232-9400. The phone number on the individual Watchdog Indiana web page for each State Representative and State Senator is the Out-Of-Session Phone Number.

Taxpayer Friendly state legislators (and the Governor) are results-oriented, compassionate, and fiscally responsible, and they are not expected to support increases to the state and local tax burdens of Hoosier working families.
Taxpayer Friendly
Governor Mike Pence
Taxpayer Friendly State Representatives (70):
Lloyd Arnold (Leavenworth), Ron Bacon (Chandler), James (Jim) Baird (Greencastle), Robert W. Behning (Indianapolis), Brian C. Bosma (Indianapolis), Steven Braun (Zionsville), Tim Brown (Crawfordsville), Woody Burton (Greenwood), Mara Candelaria Reardon (Munster), Martin Carbaugh (Fort Wayne), Robert W. (Bob) Cherry (Greenfield), Edward D. (Ed) Clere (New Albany), Wes Culver (Goshen), Steve Davisson (Salem), Tom Dermody (LaPorte), Dale R. DeVon (South Bend), Sean R. Eberhart (Shelbyville), William C. Friend (Macy), David N. Frizzell (Indianapolis), Randy Frye (Greensburg), Douglas L. Gutwein (Francesville), Richard (Dick) Hamm (Richmond), Timothy P. Harman (Bourbon), Bob Heaton (Terre Haute), Kathleen Heuer (Columbia City), Todd Huston (Fishers), Michael Karickhoff (Kokomo), Cindy Kirchhofer (Beech Grove), Sheila J. Klinker (Lafayette), Eric Allan Koch (Bedford), Rebecca Kubacki (Syracuse), Don Lehe (Brookston), Matthew S. Lehman (Berne), Daniel J. (Dan) Leonard (Huntington), Jim Lucas (Seymour), L. Jack Lutz (Anderson), Kevin A. Mahan (Hartford City), Peggy Mayfield (Martinsville), Jud McMillin (Brookville), Wendy M. McNamara (Mt. Vernon), Mark B. Messmer (Jasper), Bob Morris (Fort Wayne), Alan P. Morrison (Terre Haute), Timothy Neese (Elkhart), Sharon Negele Attica), Rick Niemeyer (Lowell), David L. Niezgodski (South Bend), David L. Ober (Albion), John Price (Greenwood), Rhonda J. Rhoads (Corydon), Kathy K. Richardson (Noblesville), Thomas E. (Tom) Saunders (Lewisville), Harold (Hal) Slager (Schererville), Ben Smaltz (Auburn), Milo Smith (Columbus), Ed Soliday (Valparaiso), Mike Speedy (Indianapolis), Steven R. Stemler (Jeffersonville), Greg Steuerwald (Avon), Jeff Thompson (Lizton), Gerald R. (Jerry) Torr (Carmel), Randy Truitt (West Lafayette), P. Eric Turner (Marion), Matt Ubelhor (Bloomfield), Heath VanNatter (Kokomo), Thomas W. Washburne (Evansville), Timothy Wesco (Mishawaka), David A. Wolkins (Winona Lake), Dennis J. Zent (Uncertain), Cindy Meyer Ziemke (Batesville).
Taxpayer Friendly State Senators (38):
Ron Alting (Lafayette), Jim Banks (Columbia City), Vaneta G. Becker (Evansville), Phillip L. (Phil) Boots (Crawfordsville), Rodric D. Bray (Martinsville), Jim Buck (Kokomo), Ed Charbonneau (Valparaiso), Michael R. (Mike) Crider (Greenfield), Mike Delph (Westfield), Doug Eckerty (Yorktown), Susan Glick (LaGrange), Ron Grooms (Jeffersonville), Randall Head (Logansport), Brandt Hershman (Wheatfield), Travis Holdman (Markle), Luke Kenley (Noblesville), Dennis K. Kruse (Auburn), Sue Landske (Cedar Lake), Jean Leising (Oldenburg), David C. Long (Ft. Wayne), James W. Merritt, Jr. (Indianapolis), Patricia L. Miller (Indianapolis), Pete Miller (Avon), Ryan D. Mishler (Bremen), Frank Mrvan, Jr. (Hammond), Johnny Nugent (Lawrenceburg), Allen E. Paul (Richmond), Scott Schneider (Indianapolis), Jim C. Smith (Charlestown), Brent E. Steele (Bedford), Jim Tomes (Wadesville), Greg Walker (Columbus), Brent Waltz (Greenwood), John M. Waterman (Shelburn), Thomas J. Wyss (Fort Wayne), Carlin J. Yoder (Middlebury), R. Michael Young (Indianapolis), Joseph C. Zakas (Granger). 

Taxpayer UNfriendly state legislators believe the greatest good is served when the fist of government is shoved ever deeper in the wallet of everyday working families.
Taxpayer UNfriendly State Representatives (9):
Terri Jo Austin (Anderson), John Bartlett (Indianapolis), Kreg Battles (Vincennes), Edward O. DeLaney (Indianapolis), Ryan M. Dvorak (South Bend), Sue E. Errington (Muncie), Charles "Chuck" Moseley (Portage), Cherrish S. Pryor (Indianapolis), Robin Shackleford (Indianapolis).
Taxpayer UNfriendly State Senators (4):
Jim Arnold (LaPorte), Lonnie M. Randolph (East Chicago), Greg Taylor (Indianapolis), Mark Stoops (Bloomington).

A POLITICAL HOG is a Taxpayer UNfriendly state legislator today who in 2007 also voted himself or herself a perpetual pay increase that is 20% more than the typical Hoosier working family earns during an entire year. POLITICAL HOGS care more about feeding at the public trough than they do serving the needs of Hoosier working families.
POLITICAL HOG State Representatives (8): B. Patrick Bauer (South Bend), Charlie Brown (Gary), Clyde Kersey (Terre Haute), Linda C. Lawson (Hammond), Scott D. Pelath (Michigan City), Gregory W. Porter (Indianapolis), Vernon G. Smith (Gary), Vanessa J. Summers (Indianapolis).
POLITICAL HOG State Senators (7):
Jean Breaux (Indianapolis), John E. Broden (South Bend), Lindel O. Hume (Princeton), Tim Lanane (Anderson), Earline S. Rogers (Gary), Timothy O. (Tim) Skinner (Terre Haute), Karen Tallian (Portage).

  Some state legislators have an Uncertain rating because of a limited or mixed public record.
Uncertain State Representatives (13):
Greg Beumer (Modoc), Casey Cox (Fort Wayne), Dan Forestal (Indianapolis), Phil GiaQuinta (Fort Wayne), Terry Goodin (Crothersville), Christina Hale (Indianapolis), Earl L. Harris (East Chicago), Karlee D. Macer (Indianapolis), Justin Moed (Indianapolis), Matt Pierce (Bloomington), Gail Riecken (Evansville), Holli Sullivan (Evansville), Shelli VanDenburgh (Crown Point).
Uncertain State Senators (1):
Richard D. Young (Milltown).  

The Watchdog Indiana ratings for all current State Representatives and State Senators are listed below in District Number order. 

Click on the names of your State Representative and State Senator to access individual web pages that contain details regarding their Watchdog Indiana rating. Information on how to personally contact your State Representative and State Senator is also included. 

Indiana State Representatives (70 Taxpayer Friendly - 9 Taxpayer UNfriendly - 8 POLITICAL HOGS - 13 Uncertain)
1. Linda C. Lawson (POLITICAL HOG)     2. Earl L. Harris (Uncertain)     3. Charlie Brown (POLITICAL HOG)     4. Ed Soliday (Taxpayer Friendly)     5. Dale R. DeVon (Taxpayer Friendly)     6. B. Patrick Bauer (POLITICAL HOG)     7. David L. Niezgodski (Taxpayer Friendly)     8. Ryan M. Dvorak (Taxpayer UNfriendly)     9. Scott D. Pelath (POLITICAL HOG)     10. Charles "Chuck" Moseley (Taxpayer UNfriendly)     11. Rick Niemeyer (Taxpayer Friendly)     12. Mara Candelaria Reardon (Taxpayer Friendly)     13. Sharon Negele (Taxpayer Friendly)     14. Vernon G. Smith (POLITICAL HOG)     15. Harold (Hal) Slager (Taxpayer Friendly)     16. Douglas L. Gutwein (Taxpayer Friendly)     17. Timothy P. Harman (Taxpayer Friendly)     18. David A. Wolkins (Taxpayer Friendly)     19. Shelli VanDenburgh (Uncertain)     20. Tom Dermody (Taxpayer Friendly)     21. Timothy Wesco (Taxpayer Friendly)     22. Rebecca Kubacki (Taxpayer Friendly)     23. William C. Friend (Taxpayer Friendly)     24. Steven Braun (Taxpayer Friendly)     25. Don Lehe (Taxpayer Friendly)     26. Randy Truitt (Taxpayer Friendly)     27. Sheila J. Klinker (Taxpayer Friendly)     28. Jeff Thompson (Taxpayer Friendly)     29. Kathy K. Richardson (Taxpayer Friendly)     30. Michael Karickhoff (Taxpayer Friendly)     31. Kevin A. Mahan (Taxpayer Friendly)     32. P. Eric Turner (Taxpayer Friendly)     33. Greg Beumer (Uncertain)     34. Sue E. Errington (Taxpayer UNfriendly)     35. L. Jack Lutz (Taxpayer Friendly)     36. Terri Jo Austin (Taxpayer UNfriendly)     37. Todd Huston (Taxpayer Friendly)     38. Heath VanNatter (Taxpayer Friendly)     39. Gerald R. (Jerry) Torr (Taxpayer Friendly)     40. Greg Steuerwald (Taxpayer Friendly)     41. Tim Brown (Taxpayer Friendly)     42. Alan P. Morrison (Taxpayer Friendly)     43. Clyde Kersey (POLITICAL HOG)     44. James (Jim) Baird (Taxpayer Friendly)     45. Kreg Battles (Taxpayer UNfriendly)     46. Bob Heaton (Taxpayer Friendly)     47. John Price (Taxpayer Friendly)     48. Timothy Neese (Taxpayer Friendly)     49. Wes Culver (Taxpayer Friendly)     50. Daniel J. (Dan) Leonard (Taxpayer Friendly)     51. Dennis J. Zent (Taxpayer Friendly)     52. Ben Smaltz (Taxpayer Friendly)     53. Robert W. (Bob) Cherry (Taxpayer Friendly)     54. Thomas E. (Tom) Saunders (Taxpayer Friendly)     55. Cindy Meyer Ziemke (Taxpayer Friendly)     56. Richard (Dick) Hamm (Taxpayer Friendly)     57. Sean R. Eberhart (Taxpayer Friendly)     58. Woody Burton (Taxpayer Friendly)     59. Milo Smith (Taxpayer Friendly)     60. Peggy Mayfield (Taxpayer Friendly)     61. Matt Pierce (Uncertain)     62. Matt Ubelhor (Taxpayer Friendly)     63. Mark B. Messmer (Taxpayer Friendly)     64. Thomas W. Washburne (Taxpayer Friendly)     65. Eric Allan Koch (Taxpayer Friendly)     66. Terry Goodin (Uncertain)     67. Randy Frye (Taxpayer Friendly)     68. Jud McMillin (Taxpayer Friendly)     69. Jim Lucas (Taxpayer Friendly)     70. Rhonda J. Rhoads (Taxpayer Friendly)     71. Steven R. Stemler (Taxpayer Friendly)     72. Edward D. (Ed) Clere (Taxpayer Friendly)     73. Steve Davisson (Taxpayer Friendly)     74. Lloyd Arnold (Taxpayer Friendly)     75. Ron Bacon (Taxpayer Friendly)     76. Wendy M. McNamara (Taxpayer Friendly)     77. Gail Riecken (Uncertain)     78. Holli Sullivan (Uncertain)     79. Matthew S. Lehman (Taxpayer Friendly)     80. Phil GiaQuinta (Uncertain)     81. Martin Carbaugh (Taxpayer Friendly)     82. David L. Ober (Taxpayer Friendly)     83. Kathleen Heuer (Taxpayer Friendly)     84. Bob Morris (Taxpayer Friendly)     85. Casey Cox (Uncertain)     86. Edward O. DeLaney (Taxpayer UNfriendly)     87. Christina Hale (Uncertain)     88. Brian C. Bosma (Taxpayer Friendly)     89. Cindy Kirchhofer (Taxpayer Friendly)     90. Mike Speedy (Taxpayer Friendly)     91. Robert W. Behning (Taxpayer Friendly)     92. Karlee D. Macer (Uncertain)     93. David N. Frizzell (Taxpayer Friendly)     94. Cherrish S. Pryor (Taxpayer UNfriendly)     95. John Bartlett (Taxpayer UNfriendly)     96. Gregory W. Porter (POLITICAL HOG)     97. Justin Moed (Uncertain)     98. Robin Shackleford (Taxpayer UNfriendly)     99. Vanessa J. Summers (POLITICAL HOG)     100. Dan Forestal (Uncertain)

Indiana State Senators (38 Taxpayer Friendly - 4 Taxpayer UNfriendly - 7 POLITICAL HOGS - 1 Uncertain)
1. Frank Mrvan, Jr. (Taxpayer Friendly)     2.
Lonnie M. Randolph (Taxpayer UNfriendly)     3. Earline S. Rogers (POLITICAL HOG)     4. Karen Tallian (POLITICAL HOG)     5. Ed Charbonneau (Taxpayer Friendly)     6. Sue Landske (Taxpayer Friendly)     7. Brandt Hershman (Taxpayer Friendly)     8. Jim Arnold (Taxpayer UNfriendly)     9. Ryan D. Mishler (Taxpayer Friendly)     10. John E. Broden (POLITICAL HOG)     11. Joseph C. Zakas (Taxpayer Friendly)     12. Carlin J. Yoder (Taxpayer Friendly)     13. Susan Glick (Taxpayer Friendly)     14. Dennis K. Kruse (Taxpayer Friendly)     15. Thomas J. Wyss (Taxpayer Friendly)     16. David C. Long (Taxpayer Friendly)     17. Jim Banks (Taxpayer Friendly)     18. Randall Head (Taxpayer Friendly)     19. Travis Holdman (Taxpayer Friendly)     20. Luke Kenley (Taxpayer Friendly)     21. Jim Buck (Taxpayer Friendly)     22. Ron Alting (Taxpayer Friendly)     23. Phillip L. (Phil) Boots (Taxpayer Friendly)     24. Pete Miller (Taxpayer Friendly)     25. Tim Lanane (POLITICAL HOG)     26. Doug Eckerty (Taxpayer Friendly)     27. Allen E. Paul (Taxpayer Friendly)     28. Michael R. (Mike) Crider (Taxpayer Friendly)     29. Mike Delph (Taxpayer Friendly)     30. Scott Schneider (Taxpayer Friendly)     31. James W. Merritt, Jr. (Taxpayer Friendly)     32. Patricia L. Miller (Taxpayer Friendly)     33. Greg Taylor (Taxpayer UNfriendly)     34. Jean Breaux (POLITICAL HOG)     35. R. Michael Young (Taxpayer Friendly)     36. Brent Waltz (Taxpayer Friendly)     37. Rodric D. Bray (Taxpayer Friendly)     38. Timothy O. (Tim) Skinner (POLITICAL HOG)     39. John M. Waterman (Taxpayer Friendly)     40. Mark Stoops (Taxpayer UNfriendly)     41. Greg Walker (Taxpayer Friendly)     42. Jean Leising (Taxpayer Friendly)     43. Johnny Nugent (Taxpayer Friendly)     44. Brent E. Steele (Taxpayer Friendly)     45. Jim C. Smith (Taxpayer Friendly)     46. Ron Grooms (Taxpayer Friendly)     47. Richard D. Young (Uncertain)     48. Lindel O. Hume (POLITICAL HOG)     49. Jim Tomes (Taxpayer Friendly)     50. Vaneta G. Becker (Taxpayer Friendly)

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